An Iranian fiction-writer and poet, Leila Sadeghi (born 1977) is part of the avant garde creative writing movement in Iran. Sadeghi holds a BA in Persian Literature (Allameh Tabatabai University), a BA in English Translation (Islamic Azad University in Tehran) and an MA in Linguistics (Allameh Tabatabai University). Her MA dissertation, titled “The Discursive Functions of Silence in Contemporary Iranian Fiction” was published in 2011. She is currently a Ph.D. student in the Linguistics Program at the University of Tehran and also has published many papers on language and literature, which have appeared in academic journals in Iran (in persian) and abroad (in English). She has also a couple of fictional and non-fictional translations (into Persian).




Style of writting

Leila Sadeghi's stories do not follow the conventions of commonly written prose. There are several aspects to her stories. First, the language that she uses in her writings is stylistically between poetry and prose, both syntactically and semantically. Also she makes a frequent use of features of language metaphorically. For example a dot [full stop] is used in some of her stories in a metaphorical sense, to create several meanings, such as end of life, …. Her stories invite the reader to co-construct the underlying meanings of the phrases that she uses. The ways in which words are strung together in her stories are meant to allow for several layers of meaning to be brought into the text by the readers. The translations of her stories equally try to achieve these points.

Written by Prof. Farzad Sharifian


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