Two of us plus she minus one= 2 + she – one

Author: Leila Sadeghi

Translator: Prof. Farzad Sharifian


They caught two little red fish, to free after their holidays. One of the two fish was in her place and the other one was in his.
She put the fish in the glass bowl in her room, so that whenever she was in bed, whenever she wrote or read, she could see him and speak to him. This way she could keep remembering to change his water every other day.
The lover of the fish, which was in his place, circled in water alone. He has gone on a holiday for a change. So here the mouth of his fish is opened and closed just by water. After the holiday, he came and both of them went to free their fish into a lake near the town so that the two fish could shake their tail fin freely, circle around following one another.
Together, they throw one of the two fish into the lake.
She thought if the other fish was in her place, which wasn’t, then once upon a time …



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