Once W: I wish


Author: Leila Sadeghi

Translator: Prof. Farzad Sharifian




What a disgusting feeling butter has! How much he hates his oily character. He wishes he had a crystal-clear body so that people could put him into their pockets when they go out to the street. At nights they put him under their pillows, then at a time between to be or not to be, he could prove his existence. Butter hates his melting, his being rubbed on the crusty bread. Butter hates that they always move towards him with a knife and cut a slice of his body. Butter wishes he was like a knife. Butter likes knife's slick and cutting body. Butter likes knife's epidemic noisy life. Butter likes knife's juridical (nourishing, military) infinite power.


What garbled thoughts has a knife! How much he hates his keen cutting toothed edge. He likes to come out of somebody's mouth; makes a feeling like falling in love. He likes to have no name and likes to be interchanged with a gaze. He wishes at least he was at least like a frame, which is formed in somebody's brain, then pegs on the wall; all people would look at him approvingly and would pass by him .


How much a frame hates his square! He wishes he was without any length, and people could breathe him. He wishes he was without any width, and people could never pace him. He wishes he was free from any thoughts, of any being. No stare could admire him and no gaze could make him raze. He wishes there was no "none" inside him and he would entirely be “being”, a being that he wishes.


To be:
What a disgusting feeling has "to be"! How much he dislikes his being. He wishes he was such that all people could comprehend him, such that he was not alone. Not to be past as time. Not to be declined as a lexeme, not to be negative, and time after time to be the same one. He does not like to be as something he is today or does not wish to be in any way.


Not to be:

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