Once Sh: A shout comes out of me


Author: Leila Sadeghi

Translator: Prof. Farzad Sharifian



A word is thrown out of me, a shout. I stare at him begging to stay, to not leave me alone, so he is going to stay with me, but he has come out and has been oppressed terribly. I desperately want to stay, so I am just watching him departing. We have to separate into two parts. You have to pick up your part, and me mine. My part is smaller than yours. My slice is thrown out of me and it is a shout. Your sentence becomes passive and object, under the influence of all the verbs in the world. I think about deletions which leave you alone. Streets are deleted. Doors do. Gazing and words do. Pupils do.
They knock at the door. Before they kick my coming, going or maybe being by their gazing and now they are bringing the pupils out of the door. They kick out the door frame and throw my small world into the middle of the street. Thronging hands. My body becomes as street. Street becomes narrow. It becomes shadow. Thronging stones, I am turning into a tooth for jabbing the stones. I am turning into a wall, a wall which under the height of my shadow is sheltering the prostrated bodies that fell in the middle of street. They take the bricks of my wall, and then aim at the collapsed girl. The neighbors throw some stones out into the street from their balconies. I am not alone. All the subjects of the neighborhood are circling me. Circling me to analyze the sentence was my life. To remove its verb. Its object. They consider its subject has escaped. They deliberate they are editing this sentence. They are not looking at their own sentence. It is full of mistakes, full of omissions. They make their transitive verbs intransitive in the name of removing the adulterer. They take a brick from my wall; throw it toward the collapsed girl. No word or shout comes out of any I. I watch them take my collapsed body into their hands, cheering and shouting. All the neighborhood has found out they are fine, finally curse my families. I still hear. Still hear. Hear. Here. Her. He. H. h . . .

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