Once P: Common point


Author: Leila Sadeghi

Translator: Prof. Farzad Sharifian



Now full stop…, it is a catch-up joint , go to the next common point.

Every day when I walk out of my house, I see some people who walk out of their houses too. They wave their hands at each other. They take my steps and put them down a bit faster or slower than mine.
But I close the door in a different way. As if it is the last time I would hold the hand of the door and press it affectionately. I put my step down in a way as if I am saying ‘hello’ and put it up in a way as if I am saying ‘goodbye’.
My walking is like a long rosary which turns into a loop and at nights makes me come back to my coop.
I open the door in a way as if it is the first time I enter somewhere and I come to my room in a way as if everything is surprisingly novel. I lay on my bed in a way as if maybe it is the last time I sleep.
It is the last time every morning becomes night and it is the first time every night becomes morning. My every first and last, day by day makes me more distant from my habits.


There are many points in my being, and one of them is in common with others' points, finding one amongst others means life…


…there are many points in others' beings, and one of them is in common with my point, finding just that one is like the habit that a hand is drowning in the water, a hand that I see as a dead twig. So I escape from it, all of these means losing life.

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