Once “i”: The hanging dot


Author: Leila Sadeghi

Translator: Prof. Farzad Sharifian


A part of “i” is dead, the dot or the body, I am in doubt. Maybe just the dot is alive, which is hanging over its body and can't escape from the eye. It struggles to get out of the hands of “i”, to makes a new line or stands on her word. But it’s a long way from “i” to a new line. And most of the lines have enough dots, so no letter needs any the pupil of “i”!
Even if I get freed from “i”, so what? May be it’s best to be on line or stay within this prisoner, the hanging dot. Dot lacks any luck, it never sounds out. I think she comes from a place that is forgotten. Or not, the one who writes has forgotten her. She has not writenwritten …
A part of “i” is alive. It struggles to come out of the eye! The inverted part is my "i"! The dot, who is being hanged without any fault. But “i” is buried between the lines, and the other lines grow out of this tree; get close to the depth of my text. The deeper we go, the closer more we reachget to the end. So a part of my “i” which was alive falls into the hands of the prison, hanging over the gallows tree. Even when it is freed some day, it may not have a better place to go to …

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