Once Ch: A chance to be chewed


Author: Leila Sadeghi

Translator: Prof. Farzad Sharifian



Once they call my name from the starting letter to the end. I am chewed by their jaws; they play with my name. Once they read my life story from right to left.
Every night, before going to bed I write a letter to my life to forgive me. Every day my life writes a letter to me: This is your new chance for today. Every passing day is a waste of time.
I bring it out of my mouth and I don't know what to do with it. I am rolling it on my palm to rid of its sticky character. It stretches between my fingers several times and falls onto the ground a few times. I can’t stick it anywhere. All the people look at me and think the moving of my fingers on my palm is an artistic play. I decide to get rid of her, but I see she is still thinking of me. She is afraid of falling under people’s feet or getting stuck under a desk for ever. I cannot put it in my mouth and chew it again. I stick it stealthily on the back of the overcoat of the one who is sitting beside me. I try to push her out of my hand but she does not leave. I put my hand into my pocket and decide to separate her from myself. This time she looks at me from left to right, then throws herself down. At that moment, all the eyes turn towards me. It was not my fault. All bl… bla… blaming looks! She herself chose her destiny. I lean forward to lift her. She does not separate herself from me. Maybe I still like her. I try to grab her with my nails. She does not stretch again. I wish she came to stick again to my fingers. Everyone looks at her with pity. She has no chance to be chewed. But this is the chance I still have.

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