The child's bone


Author: Leila Sadeghi

Translator: Prof. Farzad Sharifian



Saied’s mother is going to have some guests this evening. She is tired of Saied’s nagging and constant crying. She threatens to punish him and teach him a lesson if he doesn not stop. Saied is fed up and wants his toys. “Don’t make a mess. We’ll have some guests”, says Saied’s mother. “I wann me toos”, he cries. The mother grabs his hands, tales him to the yard. “If you cry more, I’ll certainly put you in the basement”, she says. “My toos” he shouts, and his mum puts him in the basement and locks the door. The smell of “abgoosht” [Persian stew] was in the air. It is a delicious meal for occasional guests.
They came, talked, and laughed. The table was cleaned and the guests had left. Mum heard Saied crying. She immediately went to open the door. Some mice-cats were sucking the white bones and licking them.

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