Two fish = 2 fishy people, you and I


Author: Leila Sadeghi

Translator: Prof. Farzad Sharifian



We have caught two little red fish, which we’d like to free after the holidays. One of them is in my place and the other one is in his.
I put my fish into the glass bowl in my room, so that whenever I’m in bed, whenever I write or read, my eyes can see him, speak to him. This way I can keep remembering to change his water every other day.

The lover of the fish, which is in his place, circles in water alone. He has gone to have a good holiday for a change. So here the mouth of his fish is opened and closed just by water.
After the holiday, he comes and both of us are going to free our fish into a lake near the town so that the two fish can shake their tail-fin freely, circle around following one another. Tall fences have surrounded all around this man-made lake. So I have to keep both of them until he jumps over the fence to the other side. Then I’ll give both of them to him to be freed. The lake is dark at night, so as soon as the two fish enter the fishy lake, they disappear
In our

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