A peom by Leila Sadeghi

leilasadeghi 1401

I breed the world, you’re born

I seed the world, you’re born

I bleed the world, you’re born

Your native land was my tongue, long hair lady Jina!

Your birth was for my flight,

                       for whatever was free to die,


I said woman

not a house of hold man

I said life

Not free from your hair under the light,

The generations had been flowed to repeat your nightmare

Trotting on a horse, attacking from a millennium to a millennium

Looking for freedomind, remind, keep in mind


Hey tell me the long hair lady, standing against your death, is me

Hey tell me the most ancient cross, breeding with your name, more bust

A lady playing string with your hair, feeling numerous songs in your bones

A warrior, a son, whose mom leaves so many bunches of gold on his stone

A kid who desires to study physics to change the rules of kicks

It is said your fall was a trivial excuse to die

I‘ve got stone in my hand, standing to conjugate the verb of freedomind

Not invited gangs against me with their guns

The infinitives have derived from breeding of mine

Letting the hissstory flow into the strings, die lacks the leg, sing a dialogue,

The holy die lacks the leg!


I desire to freedomind, without any reason of mine,

The prison is not just a word

It is the name of a woman, who has died to give her life for the lie

Due to her hair, we renamed the human, to say it is not fair

She is a new word, every time has a new worth

In a country, that the freedom just has got a large square

Nobody knows for whose name, the streets changed the games

Why you are beating and for whose mind falling down

Although, there are two types of beating, in heart and to hurt

The infinitives have derived from breeding to die

                       conjugating a verb of freedomind, he is a man comes from a womb

To be have if you loose

To behave if you choose

It is two sides of the same coin, I can’t breathe

It doesn't matter how many times you fail

Nothing is more worthy than the last exhale

Take your knees off my neck

Give me the next breath, for your sake,

Freedomind, Remind, Keep in mind



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